Great Lake A's Chapter
Model A Ford Club of America
2019 Events
Sat 5th                 Breakfast                                                   10:00AM Brookfield Family Restaurant         
                                                                                               18000 W Bluemound Rd.
Sat 19th                Dinner/Membership Meeting                    The Spot Restaurant - Waukesha, WI
​                                                                                               5:00PM 
​Sat 2nd                   Breakfast/Tour                                         10:00AM The Machine Shed - Pewaukee, WI
                                                                                               Waukesha Cty. Historical Museum
Sat 10th                St.Patrick's Day Parade                            2:30PM Wauwatosa - 67th & Bloomound Rd.

​Sat 17th                Dinner/Membership Meeting                     The Spot Restaurant - Waukesha, WI
​                                                                                                5:00PM 
Sat 30th                Hartford Auto Museum                              Breakfast & Tour of Auto Museum.
​Sat 13th                Waterford, WI                                           Contacts: Wayne & Sandy Boulton


​Thur 4th            4th of July Parades                                       Locations: Bay View & Franklin
​                                                                                                Contacts: W. Boulton & Lee Pagel

Sat 20th           Ozaukee Cty. Antique Power Show               Cedarburg, Wi. Cty O & Cty I 12:00AM
                                                                                                Contacts: Gary & Bev Zehren       

​Sat 4th                  Whitewater, Wis.                                      Train Depot Tour
                                                                                              Contact:  Brian Campbell
Sat 18th                Watertown,Wis.                                       Octagon House
                                                                                              Contacts:    Gary & Bev. Zehren

​Sat 14th        Luther Manor Car Show                                   Wauwautosa, Wi. 
                                                                                               Contacts: Wayne & Sandy Bouton                        
Sat 28th       5 Star Race Car Body Works                             Genoa City, WI              
                                                                                                Al Musilek's

​Sat 3rd           Annual Picnic                                                   Waukesha, WI    
                                                                                               Contacts:  Mike & Stephanie Grundman                                                                                                       
Sat  31st        Edgerton Engine Show                                      Edgerton, Wi.
                                                                                                Contacts: Gary & Bev Zehren                                        

​Sun 2rd                Model A Days                                             Sharon, Wi
                                                                                                Contacts: Gary & Bev. Zehren
Sat 15th              Durkee Mansion Tour                                   Kenosha, WIs.     


​Sat 5th            Fall Tour


Sat 19th           Pumpkin Bowling/Chilie Dump                          Delafield, Wi
                                                                                                  Contacts: Grundmans & Kehrein

Sat 2nd            Breakfast                                                           Mad Rooster Cafe
​                                                                                                  Contacts: Mike & Stephanie Grundman 

Sat 16th          Membership Meeting                                         The Spot Restaurant, Waukesha, Wi
                                                                                                   5:00 PM

Sun 24th        Christmas Parade                                              Waukesha, Wi
                                                                                                  4:00 PM Start Tim
​Sat 7st            Breakfast                                                          The Crossing Restaurant - Pewaukee, Wi
                                                                                                 Contacts:  Mike & Stephanie Grundman

Sun ???th            Christmas Party                                              

Fri 2nd                   Breakfast/Tour                                          10;00AM Andreas Family Restaurant
                                                                                                5921 S. Packard Ave. - Cudahy, WI
​                                                                                                Milw. Transit Museum 4763 S. Packard Ave. 
Sat 16th                Dinner/Membership Meeting                    The Spot Restaurant - Waukesha, WI